The monitoring and management platform for Smart Cities

Innovative Smart Cities central management software (CMS) for lighting, energy and maintenance

The W-City cloud platform, is a central management system for street lighting cabinets and point-to-point of each light, is an open platform that integrates the open standards and protocols to connect to different Internet of Things (IoT) devices and third-party systems.

With the input of IoT data and an analytical layer, it offers energy management and maintenance functionalities, which facilitate decision making and are essential for verifying real-time savings.

Benefits for the cities

Save 10% of consumed energy
It also saves on costs because of maintenance optimization
Centralized data simplify strategic decision making
Improves people's lives


Data and alarms in real time

- Web platform with custom dashboards by user profile.
- Analyze and compare data and KPIs individually and aggregated.
- Receive alerts by email, SMS or notifications in the mobile APP.

Energy management

- Calculate the costs and penalties of the installations in real time.
- Receive energy optimization and costs reports.
- Calculate savings using the IPMVP verification protocol.


- Inventories of luminaires and elements connected with APP for the positioning and deployment.
- Digitization of the operation and maintenance tasks.
- Directly generate work orders through alarms.
-Possibility of integrating the platform with the existing CMMS.


Street lighting cabinets

- On, off and regulation (0-100%) planned by calendar and individual circuit.
- Energy variables monitoring and sensors added as door control.
- Management of failures in real time and alarms of overconsumption, anomalous or after hours consumptions.


- Luminaire level management through RF nodes.
- On, off and regulation (0-100%). Management of calendars by lighting groups.
- Point level energy readings and problem detection.
- 6LowPAN technology to handle thousands of nodes in mesh topology with very low communications costs.

IoT devices / integrations

- Gateways communication through GPRS / 3G / 4G mobile networks with protected SIMs by VPN network managed by Wattabit.
- Wide range of integrated IoT protocols (Lora, Sifgox, CoAP).
- Readings from utility counters.
- Integrations with third-party software (CMMS, Billing Tools, ERPs).


City of Marrakech


Monitor and control of more than 1,000 street lighting cabinets

Santa Susana (Barcelona)

Santa Susana

CMS for a street lighting maintenance company

Camarles (Tarragona)


Monitor and energy management of street lighting


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